(b. 1947)

One of the pioneers of the digital revolution, Jeffery Becton is a visual artist who has lived and maintained a studio in Deer Isle Maine since 1977. He received formal training at the Yale School of Art earning an MFA in graphic design in 1976.

Although he received his degree almost a decade before the arrival of the first personal computers employing a graphic user interface, Becton had already had use of an early software application for formatting type digitally on the mainframe computer in Yale's computer science lab. It was an experience that primed him to welcome the new digital tools which became available in the mid 1980s.


As a full time resident of Maine, Becton is a member of a family with roots there since the 1700s. As an islander, Becton is especially drawn to the ocean, finding meaning and inspiration in its challenging and mercurial presence, the embodiment of the beauty and harshness of life and proximity of death. With material drawn from his natural surroundings, local homes, and personal imagery, Becton also draws from a vast collection of his ongoing photography to create his compositions. The resulting images exist as a medium somewhere between photography, collage, and painting that he refers to as digital montage. He prints all his work himself in his studio.

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