Untitled Art Booth C42

29 November - 4 December 2021

Hollis Taggart’s 2021 Untitled Art booth will feature painters Dana James and Alexandros Vasmoulakis, exploring the concept of control versus chaos. Both artists utilize controlled but experimental processes to orchestrate desired optical effects. Incorporating unconventional materials, their abstractions emphasize sensory experience and embrace ambiguousness as a means to engage the viewer. James incorporates flecks of tin foil and passages of iridescent encaustic to create compositions in which the play of light and color is continually changing. Her work is born out of the idea of memory and transience, manifesting itself in the form of landscape/place or a feeling/moment caught in time. Evoking the futileness of our desire to order the past or to direct the future, the joyfulness of James’s vibrant pastel hues is often unexpectedly interrupted by scarring marks rendered in black or red pigment. Vasmoulakis’s suggestive structures are inspired by sacred and ceremonial objects. He reproposes the remnants of church candles to create beeswax crayons. In combination with oil and acrylic, the crayon gives his surfaces the lush tactility of pastel. Vasmoulakis’s process, which involves building up layers and partially scraping them away, probes the possibilities of creative destruction.


For more information on the gallery's booth presentation please contact us at +1 212.628.4000 or info@hollistaggart.com


Booth C42
Ocean Drive and 12th Street
Miami, FL 33139

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Opening hours

1–8PM Monday, November 29, VIP and Press Preview 11AM–7PM Tuesday, November 30 11AM–7PM Wednesday, December 1 11AM–7PM Thursday, December 2 11AM–7PM Friday, December 3 11AM–7PM Saturday, December 4
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