Art Miami Booth AM511 | Focus

The Art Miami Pavilion
29 November - 4 December 2022

Hollis Taggart's 2022 Art Miami Focus booth will feature recent works by contemporary artists Hollis Heichemer, Alex Kanevsky, and Bill Scott. These three artists engage with painterly abstraction in distinct ways, and each brings to bear a unique sensibility on the tradition of abstraction. Hollis Heichemer’s poetic paintings distill her personal experiences of nature and the environs surrounding her home and studio in New Hampshire. Her paintings conjure up a felt sense of mystery itself, giving visual form to revelations that can only be sensed or felt, rather than seen or known. Similarly, Alex Kanevsky captures movement and time’s constant flow in canvases that resist adherence to a single moment, or even a single reading. The figure remains central to his work, and though the artist paints both from life and from photographs, he relishes most the kinetic energy of live models. Imbuing the tradition of abstracted landscapes with the verve of Fauvist colors, Bill Scott creates abstract paintings replete with hints of flora and fauna. His high-key palette lends a sense of buoyancy to the works, whose quality of surface is achieved through the thinnest applications of paint and the use of various techniques honed over decades.


For more information on the gallery's booth presentation please contact us at +1 212.628.4000 or


Booth AM511
The Art Miami Pavilion
One Miami Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132

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