Hollis Taggart to inaugurate new space in September with major acquisitions show

July 30, 2018

Hollis Taggart Announces Opening of New Gallery Location with Private Viewing and Storage Annex


New Space, New Acquisitions Will Inaugurate the New Space on September 6,

With a Public Reception, 6:00-8:00 PM

October and November Exhibitions Also Announced


In September, Hollis Taggart will inaugurate its new street-level gallery at 521 W. 26th Street, with an exhibition of significant recent acquisitions, including works by Alexander Calder, Adolph Gottlieb, Hans Hofmann, and Theodoros Stamos. The gallery will concurrently open a private viewing and storage annex across the street, with visits available by appointment. This consolidates the gallery’s operations in Chelsea, where it first moved in 2015. Together, the spaces provide Hollis Taggart with nearly 4,000-square-feet to host exhibitions and engage clients with select works of art in its inventory. The inaugural exhibition, which will open to the public on September 6, will be followed by an exhibition of mid-career and emerging artists, organized by independent curator Paul Efstathiou, in October, and a solo exhibition of works by acclaimed Pop artist Idelle Weber in November.


The new gallery space will open following a complete renovation that includes the creation of improved sightlines from the street deep into the main floor of the gallery, installation of new flooring, and construction of glass-walled offices, a library, and other functional back-of-house areas. The renovation will create an inviting environment to draw additional foot traffic, as the gallery transitions from its current seventh floor space in the same building. With the opening of its new private viewing and storage annex, the gallery will close the private viewing space it has been operating on E. 64th Street at the end of November.


“We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, and our success has always been predicated on the quality of the artists and artworks we present, and our ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that address the interests of our clients and the changing market landscape. Our upcoming move is very much in line with those foundational principals, further expanding our presence in Chelsea and enhancing our visibility among existing and new audiences, while also improving accessibility between our locations. This move also coincides with the continued growth in our work with contemporary artists, an aspect of our program that will get further exposure with this move as well. We are very much looking forward to completing renovations and engaging the public and collectors in our newest transition,” said Hollis Taggart, the gallery’s founder.


Hollis Taggart’s program is characterized by the presentation of significant works of American art, and in recent years has emphasized in particular Post-War American art and expanded to encompass contemporary practitioners. The fall 2018 exhibitions encapsulate this programmatic vision, highlighting the gallery’s collection strengths as well as its ongoing commitment to supporting the work of under-recognized artists. An outline of the fall program follows below:


New Space, New Acquisitions 
On View September 6 through September 29, 2018


To inaugurate its new space, Hollis Taggart will present a selection of acquisitions made over the last six months that exemplify its collection strengths in Post-War American art. Among the standout works are: Untitled (1969) by Alexander Calder, a work on paper that captures the artist’s fluid and spontaneous lines and references the cosmological themes that inspired many of his sculptures and mobiles; The Tea Kettle (1952) by Hans Hofmann, an oil painting that epitomizes Hofmann’s deep engagement with color as a means of creating light and movement on the canvas; and Untitled (July 3, 1965) by Adolph Gottlieb, which serves as a compelling example of the artist’s iconic visual lexicon and uncanny ability to convey emotion through abstract compositions. The exhibition will feature approximately twenty significant works by artists that have become synonymous with the Post-War era.


On View October 6 through October 27, 2018


In his second collaboration with Hollis Taggart, independent curator Paul Efstathiou brings together the work of thirteen mid-career and emerging artists in a celebration of the diversity and innovation of contemporary practice. Among the featured artists are: William Buchina, whose acrylic and ink paintings combine and interpret imagery from disparate sources to create new narratives and commentaries; Brenda Goodman, whose abstract forms and figures are connected by her ongoing experimentation with and singular use of material, surface, texture, and color; and Marcel Dzama, whose ink and watercolor works are characterized by a sense of whimsy and fantasy that recalls Surrealist and Outsider Art movements. The selected artists highlight a spectrum of visions, processes, and approaches, and, together, provide a rich and compelling aesthetic experience for visitors.


Idelle Weber
On View November 8 through December 15, 2018


Idelle Weber’s work challenges mainstream perceptions of the culture of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s through paintings, prints, and works produced on laminated plastic forms. Working within the Pop Art idiom, Weber carved a distinct space for herself through the use of a hard-edged silhouettes of figures that she positioned atop a variety of colored, patterned, and otherwise designed backgrounds. Although clearly situated within the period in which they were created, the anonymous nature of the silhouettes and graphic quality of the works transcend time, making them feel unexpectedly contemporary. Following a presentation of Weber’s work in 2013, Hollis Taggart returns with an exhibition that further explores Weber’s wide-ranging and dynamic body of work.


About Hollis Taggart
Founded in 1979, Hollis Taggart—formerly known as Hollis Taggart Galleries—presents significant works of American art, showcasing the trajectory of American art movements from the Hudson River School to American Modernism and Post-War and Contemporary eras. Its program is characterized by a deep commitment to scholarship and bringing to the fore the work of under-recognized artists. It has sponsored several catalogue raisonné projects, most recently for Surrealist artist Kay Sage, and has been instrumental in advancing knowledge of such compelling artists as Alfred Maurer, Arthur B. Carles, and more recently, Theodoros Stamos, Marjorie Strider, and Michael (Corinne) West. In summer 2015, the gallery moved its primary location from the Upper East Side to Chelsea. In fall 2018, it will open a newly renovated street-level location on W. 26th Street, as well as private viewing and storage annex across the street. With 40 years of experience, Hollis Taggart is widely recognized by collectors and curators for its leadership, expertise, and openness, on both matters of art history and market trends and opportunities. 


For more information about Hollis Taggart and our upcoming exhibitions, please contact us at or 212.628.4000. For press inquiries, please contact Alina Sumajin or Sascha Freudenheim, PAVE Communications & Consulting at, 646.369.2050 or, 917.544.6057.

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