Women Pop Artists Are Finally Getting Their Due Karen Chernick for Artsy

Artsy, March 26, 2021
One of Rosalyn Drexler’s friends clipped a newspaper review of her first-ever exhibition, in the 1950s, even though it pegged the artist as a housewife with a “lively imagination.” True, Drexler was married and her early sculptures were made at home with stuff from the family junk drawer. But the creative powerhouse who went on to write scripts, wrestle professionally, and is still painting wry, collaged paintings was far from the average mid-century homemaker.
Beyond underestimating Drexler, that review also exposed a glaring double standard. Her male peers were revered for cooking up art inspired by the kitchen, like Andy Warhol and his boxes of Brillo scouring pads, or Claes Oldenburg and his oversized ice bags. When they did it, it was Pop art. When Drexel did it, it was cute.
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