Audrey Flack at the University Art Museum, University at Albany, New York 'Fruit Soup: Contemporary Vanitas by Audrey Flack and Gracelee Lawrence'

25 January - 2 April 2022

Gallery artist Audrey Flack's work is included in the two-preson exhibition Fruit Soup: Contemporary Vanitas by Audrey Flack and Gracelee Lawrence at University Art Museum, University Art Museum, University at Albany. Photographs from the University at Albany Fine Art Collections by Photorealist painter Audrey Flack and recent 3D printed sculptures by artist Gracelee Lawrence share unexpected commonalities in the Collections Study Gallery. Using an intricate three-layer (cyan, magenta, yellow) dye-transfer process, Flack’s photographs explore color saturation and also function as sources for her groundbreaking vanitas still lifes from the 1970s and early 1980s. Printed in multi-colored, reflective filaments, Lawrence’s objects—which begin as 3D scans of bodies and fruit—exist in a transfigurative space between physical and digital reality. Paired together, Flack’s and Lawrence’s works provide meditations on time and subjectivity, mechanical and digital reproduction, and capitalist consumption in our contemporary world. 

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