Thomas Agrinier at the Outsider Art Fair, New York 'Beyond Genres: Self-Taught Artists Making Contemporary Art'

March 3-6, 2022

Gallery artist Thomas Agrinier's painting Etude 1 pour S’okay [Study 1 for S’okay] (2019), is included in the special thematic exhibition, Beyond Genres: Self-Taught Artists Making Contemporary Art, at the Outsider Art Fair, curated by Paul Laster. A group exhibition of self-taught artists who are exhibited by national and international art galleries, Beyond Genres: Self-Taught Artists Creating Contemporary Art shines a light on contemporary painters and sculptors who haven’t followed the orthodox path of getting a university degree in order to make art. The exhibition was inspired by the observation made by Cologne gallerists Nicole Delmes and Susanne Zander when they announced the closure of their gallery in 2020. They declared that their aim had always been to "illuminate the valuable work of artists whose eccentricities, impairments or lack of university degrees saw them thoughtlessly and brutally excluded and pigeonholed." 

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