Suchitra Mattai at John Michael Kohler Arts Center

5 April 2022 - 26 March 2023

Gallery artist Suchitra Mattai’s work will be included in the group exhibition In the Adjacent Possible at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. In the Adjacent Possible is a response to sociologist Ruha Benjamin’s suggestion to “imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within.”


Each of the five artists’ installations provides a vantage point for viewing the many potentialities that lie just beyond what we know. They conjure worlds that are not quite here, yet are within our grasp. They place us in the adjacent possible, a space where we can dream alternative ways of being in the world.


The exhibition forms a speculative architecture that explores myriad approaches to and understandings of proposed and promised strategies of living. These artists offer prospective blueprints of other worlds, often constructed from the remnants of our current one. Engaging issues of colonialism, feminism, queerness, identity, and stereotypes, In the Adjacent Possible suggests ways we can reimagine the present and explores the infinite horizon of opportunities at the boundaries of our reach.

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