Justine Otto at Museum Abtei Liesborn, Wadersloh, Germany 'Wald Wolf Wildnis'

31 March - 18 June 2023
Gallery artist Justine Ottos' works Falkner (2017) and Willst Du mit mir gehen (2008) will be included in the group exhibition Wald Wolf Wildnis at Museum Abtei Liesborn in Wadersloh, Germany. The return of the wolf to our forests continues to spark heated debates, dividing opinions into two seemingly irreconcilable camps on this emotional issue. For the artist Gisela Krohn, who initiated the exhibition project Wald Wolf Wildnis, the core of this debate is the fundamental question of what relationship we as humans want to enter into with nature, today and in the future. The wolf highlighted here as an example is ultimately to be understood as a representative for the entire animal world. In their works, numerous artists deal with the theme of nature and related themes such as living space, climate and species and environmental protection.
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