Dallas Art Fair Booth G16 | Contemporary

Fashion Industry Gallery
21 - 24 April 2022

Hollis Taggart’s 2022 Dallas Art Fair contemporary booth will feature artists Thomas Agrinier, William Buchina, and Justine Otto, exploring the affordances and limitations of figuration. Through archetypal figures and narratives, these artists play with the legibility of a given situation. In Agrinier’s paintings, the viewer is often pulled into a mysterious and highly-charged unfolding story, such as the flight of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus to Egypt. His work touches on many subjects including the body in motion, the complexity of human experience, and themes from art history. Buchina creates dystopian narrative scenes of assembled crowds, culling imagery from innumerable sources, such as geopolitical events. His works share visual similarities with Victorian etchings or even contemporary graphic novels, but close observation of their details reveal Buchina’s surrealist leanings. Otto creates layered paintings with deliquescing forms and loose, vibrant brushwork. Drawing inspiration from films and vintage photographs, she paints single figures or groups, immersed in enigmatic activities. She is especially interested in archetypes such as generals, lonely cowboys riding on the prairie, Marlboro men, and statesmen in their uniforms “because they were such traditional symbols of power, but now [she] is able to dissolve them in abstract painting. Then, for example, medals become geometric circles, and the forms dissolve into ornaments or loops.”


For more information on the gallery's booth presentation please contact us at 212.628.4000 or info@hollistaggart.com.


Booth G16 | Contemporary
Fashion Industry Gallery
1807 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75201

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